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Permaculture, Soil, Winter Cover Crops and Bees:

Urban Farming Classes


Free Cover Crop Seed Mix to first

200 Attendees


October 17, 2015

1 - 5 pm


Farm is Across from

5501 Imhoff Drive Martinez, CA

Turn right as you enter




Save the date and find out how you can sequester carbon on your property and help reverse climate change with practices on your own farm or garden!  Learn about our farm's plans for the next year and about our greenhouse.


Agroecologist Bethallyn Black will teach you how to plant cover crops in your backyard and obtaining greater carbon sequestration in your soil. Cover crops support beneficial insects such as bees.


Rex Dufour a soil expert from NCAT/ATTRA and partner of the UC Berkeley's Growing Roots grant, will lead a presentation for urban farmers on Understanding Urban Farm Soils: Healthy soils, Soil Function and Soil Testing. This workshop is geared towards beginning urban farmers with less than ten years of experience who want to understand common problems and solutions for dealing with urban soils. Rex will discuss how to improve soil function, how to interpret a soil test and the different types of soil testing that are important for urban farm plots.


Meet and hear fascinating Matt Powers, nationally known permaculture expert with certification in permaculture design from Geoff Lawton!, certified high school teacher, author of The Permacultue Student, founder of The Permaculture Life School in Sebastopol and The Permaculture Student Online (  Matt will tell us about his experiences being trained and working with worldwide reknown permaculture experts, permaculture farming and gardening, and much more.


We will have a bee expert explaining how you can help Save Our Bees! And MarElla Beekeepers, who will be our farm's expert beekeepers, will have a beautiful display for youth and adults to enjoy and learn about bees.


Learn how to use recycled water. If you are a Central San resident or live in Concord or Clayton, you can pick up recycled water at their fill station before the classes. Come early, there may be a line.
Recycled water is high in nitrogen and phosphorus and you are eligible to get up to 300 gallons per trip, if you live in the Central San district, Concord, or Clayton AND you take short instructions to be certified. Check hours for pickup at


We'll have cover crop mix for first 200 attendees and you can pick up CCCSD recycled water if you qualify.


Wear a HAT!!


"A cover crop is a crop planted primarily to manage soil erosion, soil fertility, soil quality, water, weeds, pests, diseases, biodiversity and wildlife in an agroecosystem (Lu et al. 2000)" 


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